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I received a message from this number 682-243-6848 saying legal action is about to be filed against my social security number. This is so very obviously a scam call looking to get private information. Hope no one falls for it and would like to see Windstream delete it and censure the user.

2:52pm, October 22

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Did not wait for the beep before message started in so only got partial. Something about taxes and gave me a "case number" and I was to call so it wouldn't become a federal offense (whatever I did).

6:41pm, October 21

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This asshole is harassing my fiancé since he is a drunk living back at his mom's in Sept. Next time It will different. Go to AA

5:52am, October 21

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0408 is claiming to the be the Social Security Administration and are threatening to suspend your social security number. Gave them no information and continued to call them back until the number stated it was not in service.

6:54pm, October 16

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called at 10:30 am, did not leave message.

5:44pm, October 15

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